Our Name

Wait a minute, that isn’t a carrot at all..it’s a pepper. To me and you that may be the case but to my son peppers have always been Fire Carrots, so that is the name of our company. I’m not going to argue with a toddler.

 How We Started

We have worked in the software development industry for 20+ years. Friends and family came to us with questions on all sorts of technology and often asked about websites. We found that many website developer’s rates were very high and focused on big businesses. Our goal is to help smaller businesses with their technology needs at a fair price.

We have worked with multiple software companies and have different backgrounds. We have worked with user interfaces and databases and everything in between.Whether you are looking for a simple website design or you have a complex system that require multiple points of integration, give us a call we can help you out.

Interested In Working with Fire Carrot Labs?

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Technical Director

We started Fire Carrot Labs to provide small businesses with services that are more than just designing a website and forgetting it. We will continually work with you to design the site and maintain it. We will keep it up to date and looking good! We can also integrate your site with software you already have or provide guidance on software that may help you grow,  I have worked with many applications and integration is my specialty.




Becky has a major eye for detail.  She can spot a missing pixel from 10 feet away, well maybe she is not that good, but she does keep websites looking good by ensuring the layouts are clean and consistent throughout.